A very pink birthday

After a spectacular 22nd birthday, I highly encourage everyone with an awesome group of friends to think of the most obnoxious theme possible and throw a party.


My theme? PINK. I think the pictures speak for themselves. My party? Landshark.

It feels like ages since I have had a full birthday with a cake and a party and presents. Remember when people used to get a room at the skating rink or bowling alley. The whole class would show up, get hyped on capri sun and sheet cake, and crash on the way home in the back of the car. Those were the DAYS.

I didnt get cake and unwrap 20 presents but that dosent matter. I can now say adults are capable of having awesome birthdays too.

Thank you to all of my awesome friends that made this day possible! I hope you all enjoy some highlights from the disposable cameras that floated around the boat.


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