AOS 1: Climate Change From Puzzles to Policy (F20)

Fall 2020

Professor David Neelin

Lecture: T, Th 9:30-10:45 am PST

Sections: 1D W 10-10:50 am PST

1E W 11-11:50 am PST

1F W 12-12:50 am PST

Office Hours: Th 4-5:00 pm PST

Fri 10:30-11:30 am PST


Phone: 909-816-6532

UCLA COVID resources

Week Zero-One

Introduction/ course logistics/ global environmental change

Section 1 slides

Week 0-1 notes

No office hours Thursday

Practice quiz opens Friday 10/9

Keeling Curve twitter

how NASA measures Albedo

Week Two

Assignment #1: Friday 10/16/20

Section 2 slides

Section 2 activity

Week 2 notes (only atm lecture)

Week Four

Assignment #2: Friday 10/30/20

Section 4 Slides

Real time earth visualization

Week Five

Quiz 2: Friday 11/6 – Monday 11/9

Lab Assignment #2: Friday 11/06/20

Recorded Week 5 section

Week 5 section slides

AOS 1’s infinite playlist (Took your suggestions from class but its COLLABORATIVE so ADD MORE!!)

Week Six

Assignment #3: Friday 11/13/20

Recorded Week 6 section

Week 6 section slides

Week Seven

Lab Assignment #3: Friday 11/20/20

Week 7 Section

Week 7 Section Activity

Week Eight

Happy Thanksgiving!! No lecture Thursday. No office hours Thursday or Friday.

Assignment #4: Wednesday 11/25/20

No section this week!

Adjusted office hours: Wednesday 11/25 11am-12!

Week Nine

Quiz 3: Friday 12/4 – Monday 12/7

Week 9 Slides (with links to activity)

1D Notes

1E Notes

1F Notes

Week Ten

Lab Assignment #4: Friday 12/11/20

TA review session: Thursday, 5pm, Danny’s meeting room

Prof Neelin Q and A: Friday, 6pm

Week 10 slides

Finals Week

FINAL: Monday 12/14

Burning questions I didn’t answer in section?