Belated Oahu Adventure Summary

If you have read Barbarian Days by William Finnegan you will have read about the neighborhood of Diamond Head, East of Waikiki, shaded by a small crater and a short distance, but it seems as if it is a lifetime away from the tacky shops and sweaty tourists. Diamond Head is where my best friend’s family owns a funky beach bungalow, a one minute barefoot stroll to a private beach inlet.


The surf was beautiful, always pumping at Cliffs, a very popular destination in the book and with the locals, for good reason. Mansions and Dukes were other spots just a paddle away, and I was thankful to have the savy local knowledge of Paige’s dad to help me find the spots, predict the swell, and warn me of rocks.


But surfing was a mere portion of the trip.


I was very pleased with the hiking. We didnt make it on anything extreme, but we didnt need to to see some spectacular views.

The food was insane. We had Thai, Vieatnamese, Japanese, authentic Hawaiian, and a TON of poke and poi. It was all fantastic food. The savy of Paige and her family in regards to food is absolutely unmatched. I have never had so much confidence in someone ordering all of my food for me.



Some other highlights include:

  • Paddle tennis at grandpas house
  • Sunsets
  • Every grocery store (who else loves going to grocery stores on vacation?)
  • Mochi
  • Snorkeling
  • Crying to Dukirk on the flight there
  • Crying to the sunset on the flight back

I am endlessly thankful for the experience we had and for Paiges family that hosted me for yet another best week ever vacation.


Oahu rules.


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