Good vibes, free printables

Coming at you LIVE from Santa Barbara California with some good news:

  1. You are currently alive!
  2. Winter is slowly coming to an end
  3. This post has free planners

Look at how cool Lizard Mouth looked last month. How do I live here??


But this isnt a post about Santa Barbara and my undying love for UCSB. This is a post for FREE PLANNING STUFF.

My Etsy has had a pretty slow period the past couple months. To be honest this is because I’ve been pretty lazy keeping it up to date.

I also have been spending a majority of my time bullet journaling (see some of my posts about that here) so I don’t even use half of my printables anymore!

So when the request came in from my sorority sista for some printables for the girls in the house I was more than happy to dip my toe back in the pond.



A lil weekly plan and to do lists (full page printable)


A lil to do list for everyday (full page printable)


A lil bit of everything (full page printable)


Okay so now that you have some killer planners are you feeling ready to attack this week? I hope so!!

Use these! Please!! Share with your friends!! Lets get it guys!!

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