Havasupai Happened!

You have probably seen this campground before in a 60-second video on Facebook. If you haven’t seen it there, perhaps you’ve seen it on a travel blog or magazine or instagram. Havasupai is hyped up, no question. Is it worth it? Yes.


Me and five of my best buds headed out to Arizona for spring break and brought our backpacks down into the canyon to see the hype.


Booking the camping itself was a small nightmare, and if you want to go within the year but haven’t gotten a site online, your odds are slim. One of the women we talked to called two days before and got a miracle cancellation. The chances of something like this happening seem to be very slim.

We stayed for two nights and three days. I brought a hammock to sleep in and a standard sleeping bag and it worked great! The late March weather treated us very well with good temps and clear skies.


I am not an expert on camping or backpacking, so this is not the blog to look for regarding tips. I do, however, highly endorse this for a moderately easy hike in and a good starter backpacking trip!


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