College advice you haven’t heard 100 times already

I am a college fanatic. I am also somehow a senior, and it feels like I am asked amidst every day if I have some general advice. To be honest, I could talk all day, but I do have some tips that I didn’t really hear as a freshman. All of these things have been so valuable to my experience:

  • Get tight with your department. This is everyone. Professors, classmates, grad students, EVERYONE. This also includes the undergraduate advisors. Check up every quarter at least. Sometimes there are new classes offered that you would not have otherwise known about. Professors can often make opportunities for students they like if they are asked.
  • Take QUALITY pictures. Opt for taking a couple good pics on a morning hike instead of like 10 crappy snaps of a Friday night (which might be inappropriate to post on your Facebook anyways) Think of what you’re really going to miss when you’re older, and get a couple of those moments.
  • Ask people for things!!! Ask a professor for an internship. Ask your house to do family dinner. Ask your friend to calm you down after a hard week. It is up to YOU to take advantages of your resources now!! Don’t wait for something if you know you want/ need it, just ask!
  • Set goals, even if they’re silly. I could talk about goal setting all day. ESSENTIAL.
  • Get comfortable doing things alone. I am one of the more outgoing people I know and I truly savor my alone time. College is time for YOU to GROW. I personally would have had a much harder time if I didn’t do some reflecting when I had chance alone time.
  • Dive into the deep depths of course listings. I have found some of the coolest classes just browsing for hours and hours. I did the same with major listings.
  • Minimize dorm room time. This tip speaks for itself, just use that dorm space for sleeping and you’ll explore so much more of your campus and town.
  • Learn how to give good gifts. Craft! Just because you are in college and on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t show your appreciation for your friends and family. AN INSTAGRAM POST IS NOT ENOUGH! YOU CAN DO BETTER! Crafting is cheaper, more fun, and really thoughtful. Find a funny craft and just go for it. Or buy flowers. Just doing something is what counts.

Hopefully you get something out of these!


If you feel inclined, please add your tips in the comments below!!

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