The Basic Life Planner Kit

Exciting news! For all of my friends new to planning, I have assembled some of my basic and useful products into one easy to use kit! (in both letter and a5 sizes!!)DSC_0668.jpg

I designed the pages in this kit to be simple but still have lots of utility. I currently have some friends trying it out and I will have their reviews within a week or two.

Heres what the kit includes:

  1. Monthly calendar. This is a good page to mark large events on!DSC_0642.jpg
  2. Monthly Overview. The purpose of this page is to really show all of your big to-do items and projects in one place. Things I would include on this would be appointments, birthdays, house tasks, etcDSC_0647.jpg
  3. Weekly Planner. The title says it all! I think filling this out at the beginning of every week should adequatley prepare you for the days to come.DSC_0676.jpg
  4. Daily Planner. If youre anticipating a busy day or if you just want some piece of mind, fill this out in the morning before you get on with your day.DSC_0674.jpg
  5. Password Keeper. This is obvious.
  6. Travel checklist. If you’re planning any trip, large or small, this list will get the basics you need to have down all in one place.
  7. Weekly Routine. This is a printable I featured for free a couple of months ago. I’m including it so you have the ability to visualize the parts of your schedule that stay constant (for example your school schedule) When I need to schedule an appointment or find time to see someone, having this handy is necessary!DSC_0664.jpg

I am so excited about the idea of more kits on my Etsy. Let me know what you would like in a simple planning kit!

Make sure to also check out my Pinterest full of study and planner #goals

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