Paige Post: Camping is the greatest ever

Do you like the outdoors? Do you like great conversations? Are you pro hot dog?


DSC_0899This weekend I had the pleasure of sharing a camping trip with the two best pals a girl could have. We ate lots of hot dogs, hiked, admired mama oash, petted lots of dogs, and let go of social media for one glorious day.

My parents were always large supporters of camping, more specifically beach camping. And boy am I thankful they were. My brother and I sat in the back of our VW camper as we drove from beach to beach every summer. We would camp on the cliff, eat hot dogs and body surf to our hearts content.

What I learned from all of those trips is that camping dosen’t have to be expensive or hard to be successful. It is what you make of it. Camping allows you to completely remove yourself from being productive. Its an excuse to loose focus in the best way. I loved all the camping trips we had when I was a kid, and I hope to do the same for my children.

Now an adult (not really) I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to go camping with friends as much as humanly possible.

So this easter weekend when everyone in our college town seemed to be at home or coachella, we headed for Gaviota.

DSC_0851.jpgIMG_0068.jpgDSC_0735.jpgDSC_0803.jpgDSC_0868.jpgDSC_0760.jpgDSC_0790.jpgThe weather was so beautiful.

After we hiked, we made it to El Capitan where I realized I had accidentally booked us a campsite for the wrong night. By some beautiful stroke of luck, we ended up back in Gaviota where there was one remaining campsite. We took it, parked our car, and headed for the beach.

DSC_0891.jpgDinner was a traditional affair of hot dogs and a special easter version of smores with peeps. We watched the sunset and sat by the fire in content. DSC_0959.jpgDSC_1004.jpg

It was a spectacular trip, and I would have rather shared it with any other ladies!DSC_0920.jpgDSC_0941.jpg

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