Ways to make lots of studying less garbage

Maybe you had three essays due, maybe you bombed a midterm you thought you studied really hard for, maybe you’re tired of work, school, and pretending to enjoy cooking food for yourself. Regardless, college (and all of life for that matter) will never quit rolling from highs to lows.

For those awful work weeks- or months- I have a couple tips that have vastly improved my college experience. It is so crucially important to learn how to create a bright spot in your day or week, no matter how terrible it may have been.

For making the most of a real rough patch, heres my advice:


Go somewhere beautiful! Even if what you’re working on or dealing with is actual garbage it is such a game changer to look up at your surroundings and escape, if only for a moment.


Eat good food. I say this about 100% of the time, but food is FUEL! Put good in get good out!


Take a break and clean your desk. Having a tidy space can alleviate so much stress. This also does not require any brain power.


Exercise! If you don’t have time to get a little of your anxiety out at the gym, stretch!! Plop down and try touching you toes! Sun salutate! Move your body in some manner you don’t normally! Hold any stretch for 20 seconds minimum and try for maybe 5 minutes of stretching total.


Check out all my beautiful printables including my finals printables, daily planner, and weekly schedule planner. Write it down and get it out of your head!


Finally, watch a sunset if you can! Mother nature will always be there for you, even if college is trying to demolish your spirits.


Remember, you got this!! Comment if you’re in need of a pep talk

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