Podcasts your college experience will lack without

I started listening to podcasts my Freshman year of college on my three hour drive home. My gateway podcast: This American Life. From then on, my three hour drive was no more than two podcasts and treating myself to some Starbucks. If I was lucky enough to miss traffic, it was heaven.

For those of you that think this sounds really lame, I understand you apprehension. My argument would be to try listening to a podcast or two for a week when you’re walking to class, doing laundry, waking up in the morning, or driving.

For a great story:

This American Life. Every show has a theme and stories told related to that theme. This is one of the most popular public radio shows ever and whenever I check it is in the top 5 podcasts or at the #1 spot.

Serial. This is the podcast equivalent to Making A Murderer. Easy to binge on. Only two seasons have been produced, I would recommend listening to season one first.

TED Radio Hour. Ted talks that all center around a theme. Full of profound statements and really interesting personal stories.

For laughs:

Two Dope Queens. Awesome little stand up sets hosted by best friends and taped live. So funny I have cried in my car.

Here to Make Friends. A weekly bachelor recap show. If you are currently watching a season of the Bachelor this show is icing on the cake. Guests on the show include former contestants and insiders that can give behind the scenes information and even more educated snarky comments. I actually like this podcast more than watching the show.

Pardon My Take. If you don’t like sports steer clear of this one. I started listening after the Ryan Lochte Olympics scandal and I’m now a big fan of this show.


Warm Regards. Shout out to climate scientists! Mainly this show focuses on current issues of climate policy. V informative.

Star Talk. Neil Degrass Tyson talking with guests and fellow scientists about awesome cosmic questions.

Stuff You Should Know. Almost put this in comedy. A lighthearted show which researched one specific topic and gives an easy to understand explanation of its history and dynamics. I have learned a surprising amount from this show.

Is your fav podcast not on here? Let me know in the comments!

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