Finals again?

I know. The word gives you a stomach ache and a little shiver. The sad but true fact is that quarter system participants are yet again approaching finals season. So how will you cope??

First of all, check out my post on having a good finals season.

Second, it must be your lucky day because I have created some free printables just for you! There is a study planner, finals week schedule planner, and an essay planner. All three of these are available on my Etsy as well in a more refined style.


DSC_0160 2

Third, enjoy the outdoors while you can! Catch a sunset with your bestest buds! Now is not the time to shack up with netflix. Go enjoy your days so you’re not Vitamin D deficient and longing for nature too an extreme degree during your studying time.


Finally, most importantly, stay on top of your health now so you don’t get sick!! Grab some water, eat an orange, invest at least 8 hours of sleep into these precious preparation days. If you get sick during finals you could seriously sacrifice your grades. honestly. My brother got pneumonia during finals week and chose to check out of the hospital, roll into his final, and check himself back in. Don’t be like my brother!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FOR GODS SAKE


Lets make this a finals season as smooth as butter! Godspeed!


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