How I set up my week in my planner

The sun is shining in Santa Barbara! It seems like its been the most dramatic winter I have ever seen here and its so great to have a weekend that hasn’t been pouring rain the whole time.

Sunday is a sacred day to me. I is my day to get laundry done, to get homework done, and to plan my week to come.

I am sharing how I set up a college student life in an a5 planner with a week on two pager vertical layout. I use more pages that are not shown, but these are the basic procedures I follow!

I start by grabbing my planner which holds all the supplies I need except for a stamp, washi tape, and a hole punch.

DSC_0145.jpgOn my weekly view, I keep the pages empty except for sticky notes with things I dont want to forget. Once I’m making the weekly spread, those sticky notes are written in.

DSC_0146.jpgMy favorite tool for this planner is my checklist stamp! I punch Mon-Fri with a checklist.DSC_0147.jpgNow its time for some sticker action. I use a little arrow to show the days I’m working and underneath I write in the times. I use almost the full bottom column to do thisDSC_0149.jpg

My second round of stickers are gold flags for days I would like to blog post or update my Etsy. The white labels go to holidays, birthdays, and other events that are a little larger than normal and last all day.IMG_6586.jpg

I put heart stickers in the bottom column to keep track of what I’m eating. This was great for meal planning when I first started cooking for myself in college.IMG_6587.jpgNow its time for some washi tape! I dont go for a lot, just 3 or so pieces around the borders.IMG_6589.jpgAfter the washi tape I add more things that I will need to do in the individual days. Sometimes I end up with a lot in my to do list and nothing in the top most vertical column, so I am still working on finding a method thats perfect for me.IMG_6592.jpgNow I add a couple cute stickers and highlight anything really crutial that needs to be done.IMG_6593.jpgIf you like this layout, you can find it for sale on my etsy store HERE!

I am also beginning to use a day on one page layout for my extremely busy days, That can also be found on my Etsy store (undated) HERE!IMG_6618.jpg

Hopefully you can establish a routine that works to keep your life organized and you less overwhelmed. Happy Planning!

5 thoughts on “How I set up my week in my planner

  1. Btw, I just checked out your shop and I like your designs! Will look at them more thoroughly later when I have time. ^_^

    1. thank you so much! I hope they can be of help to anyone looking to find a planning method that is perfect for them. If you have any questions or requests please let me know 🙂

  2. Man, your planner looks awesome! ❤ I love getting to see how other people use their planners. That checklist stamper is an awesome idea! Wish I had something like that, lol. And all of those little stickers are so cute!

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