How to find the perfect study nook

The variety of study spots you will encounter at a university are almost as diverse as the people actually attending the school. Not everyone studies most efficiently in the same library, even it its as beautiful as these. Whether your studying for a final or planning for the week, having your own special place to work on your life will elevate your efficiency.


It took me about two years to find my perfect studying spots, and even still I switch them up on a weekly basis. What I find most important is knowing what your perfect environment is, and finding places that satisfy your studying preferences.


Before searching, you should know your preferences to these questions:

  1. Quiet, somewhat quiet, noisy, or really noisy?
  2. Far away from home or close by?
  3. Isolated or around other students?
  4. Computer access or outlets needed

Once you know how you study the best- its time to hunt! Heres where I have had the best luck:

Windows and views– A view is a double edged swoard. It can be distracting as well as inspiring. I personally feel very closed in and nervous without windows close by. When you can see the sun it is also a good way to judge your time spent studying. I like to try and finish something before the sunsets, watch the sunset and take a break, and finish anything I need to after the sunset.


Going off campus– Once you have removed yourself from the college atmosphere, it can be very refreshing to see that the real world still exists! I love parking up at a coffee bar and watching the baristas work on their master pieces in between some of my readings or problems. Be careful when you go off campus to remember all your supplies and don’t rely on there being outlets.


Small campus libraries– These are my FAVORITE. Sometimes finding a library that isnt the main library on campus can be a struggle, but most campuses have some sort of departmental library system. By removing yourself from the large library, you reduce your chances of running into a friend and getting distracted. In addition, if you are in the library of the department in which your major is, you might meet some members of faculty that would be great connections to have. I would advise against going to these looking like a total gremlin as they are usually kept cleaner, more accessible to faculty, and it could be seen as disrespectful getting your cheeto dust all over the table they might have staff meetings at.



Generally, anywhere that makes it easy for you to get distracted is a BAD call. Find your own nooks and hit the books!

howtofind3 copy.jpg

2 thoughts on “How to find the perfect study nook

  1. These are awesome ideas! As a homeschooled 11th grader, I find places around my house that help me to focus on whatever I’m working on, but if I got to pick another location to study, it would be at my favorite library. I love it there! At home, my favorite place is my writing desk (I wrote a post about it!), but I can usually work where there’s the least amount of noise, haha.

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