How I study physics in college

How is it already week eight of the quarter?

This is the last of my midterm season. Wednesday is Physics 4, which focuses on magnetism and inductance.

IMG_6692.jpgRegardless of what kind of physics I am studying, I follow a couple rules of thumb. Although I am no physics whiz, I will say that my method makes me pretty comfortable with the information I know.

Heres how I start:

First, go somewhere pretty where you work effectively!

OBVIOUSLY finish the homework. Physics is all about practice, concepts and practice.

IMG_6679.jpgConsult a study guide made by your teacher if they have provided one. If they have not, make a quick like of the chapters and sections you have covered leading up to the lecture.

IMG_6685.jpgMade small summaries of each section/concept. Include all the equations, at east one example, and a reference to a conceptual example that helps you understand it better. If your conceptual example is from the real world, the better it is!

Finally, if your teacher is the devil and will not give you en equation sheet, you obviously have to make one. I like to put a small amount of reference on the side of the sheet, making two columns on the page.

IMG_6698.jpgAfter all these steps have been followed, make sure you have read all of these notes through. Go back and consult your notes from class and include any tips you learned that werent put into your summary.

Finally, do MORE practice problems! Cross your fingers and believe in yourself!

Happy Studying!IMG_6681.jpghow-i-study-for-physics-copy

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