Camping take two

Monday the 21st AJ and I set off on our second camping excursion of the summer.

We took my car this time, somewhat smaller but enough room to comfortably fit the basics. We packed a stove instead of a grill and brought one less sleeping bag (big mistake). We also forgot pillows and didnt bring much food in efforts to conserve space. I made a healthy amount of mix cds for the trip and got Starbucks for the road.

Our site was beautiful. Just what you imagine when you’re beach camping. Our day, however, had many falters. We werent working the stove right, or the lantern. We forgot a good amount of food suplies, and our sleeping bags didnt make for a good bed at all.

The next morning, I woke up and went for a run and decided our fate would change. It soon did.

We watched a video on how to work on a camp stove and realised we were making a tiny but important mistake. Our beach umbrella soon doubled for shade at the campsite as well. We enjoyed the beach, breakfast burritos, and the rest of the trip was euphoria.

Our days consisted of beach, parks, hot dogs, sushi, snow cones, and skateboarding. I can honestly say it was the best week of my life. AJ and I made plans to return every year.

As far as amazing meals we had two- sushi and swammies. There was an amazing sushi place just up the road from our campsite that had everything half off. We got three huge rolls for $20. Two days later we made a trip to Swammies. It was superb, whats new.

The last night AJ and I walked down to the beach to watch the sunset. The whole moment was just so beautiful I cried and I am not the least bit ashamed. Setup #2 South Carlsbad State Beach Sushi Kuchi Bae by the fire Swammies Carlsbad Couples Skateboarding Couples skateboarding p.2 Campsite oceanfront view Sunset in Carlsbad My Man :)

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