Arches! National! Park!

Monday myself and my best friend set out for what would be one of the wildest weeks of my 22 year life.

April I accepted a job in Boulder and it seemed like my start date in August was a lifetime away. But here we were, car packed, ready to drive to Colorado in the blink of an eye.

I’m not here to tell you about the move and all the craziness (probably more of that to come) I am here to share some beautiful pictures and some very limited knowledge of Arches National Park!!


We pulled up around noon, not the most ideal time to get there. If you can get there in the morning do it, especially if its in August. I am thankful to be accustomed to the desert heat but honestly it can be overwhelming and dangerous if it gets the best of you. Most of the hikes have no shade so BEWARE!


The park ranger gave us two recommendations for our one afternoon in the park. The first recommendation was to do the double O arch hike (about 4 miles) and to check out all the small hikes that branch off of it. Easily worth the effort!! Its crazy how many great arches people miss that are off on the tiny trails. The double O was also at the end of the park so you can drive through all the changes in scenery and take it all in.


Our second hike was the delicate arch, which is the one you see in all the pictures of arches. The park ranger recommended doing this around sunset so its not too hot. Nothing on this hike is shaded and there is no water fountain at the trailhead. The hike itself is only 3 miles but has a decent incline in the middle.


The upside to going on a Tuesday in the heat of August was the total lack of crowds! It felt like we had the park to ourselves but we were not completely alone.

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After the hike we half showered in the drinking fountains at the ranger station, CHOWED down some burgers, and stayed in a super cool airbnb in Cisco. If you don’t mind going without a shower, it is an amazing stop. The hostess Eileen is making the town her own art project and it is truly a treasure.


We had the greatest time!! As if the scenery wasnt already the coolest, I had such great company for the drive and the hikes. I am so thankful!

Simple summary: Go to Arches. Hike and bring water. Stay in Cisco if you’re up for a real ghost town.


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