Camping on Santa Cruz Island


Um, wow. I am not going to lie, I would prefer not to write anything for this post and let the pictures do the talking….DSC_0717

BUT I need to do this Island some justice and I need to share my story.

My best friend had always talked about wanting to go to the Channel Islands from the beginning of our relationship. After being lucky enough to take a class on the Channel Islands earlier this year, I knew we could make it happen.


SO, I booked us camping in April the weekend after her birthday. Mother Oash, unfortunately, had other plans, and due to the size of the swell we could not make the trip. I was determined to find another weekend that would make it work.DCIM100GOPRO

Fast forward three months and were on the ferry chartered by Island Packers. There are many ferries every day but they do book very far ahead of time so I suggest getting ahead of that by months if possible. The campsite I booked four months out BUT it was a very lucky find, so book that far ahead as well.dsc_0612

To summarize our experience we ate, we hiked, we swam. The water was SO CLEAR, the weather was beautiful. Foxes EVERYWHERE.

We only had to walk about 0.5 mile from the boat to the campsite. We did not bring any rolling coolers but next time we will.

There are no showers or running water but the two days and plenty of the water was fine for us.DSC_0520

I do not have many recommendations other than BRING A TENT. Perhaps a no brainer for some but I do not bring a tent usually and I was eaten alive by bugs. DSC_0448

It was beautiful. GO. Book a trip and make it work. Two nights at Scorpion Harbor seemed to be the perfect amount of time. We were lucky to get a site with a lot of shade but some of them are very uncovered so be aware when booking. Bring your camera and have FUN!

Channel Islands, I’ll be back soon!


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