Bullet Journal Update: June-August 2018

Hey pretty people!

I have cooked up this idea that everyone is dying to see more of my planning and journals after having received a couple compliments in the past month. Whether you care or not, here are some highlights of my current bullet journal and whats working for me. Hopefully it inspires you to start writing your beautiful thoughts down!


For weekly setups I havent had enough to put it days in vertical format but this month I dont care! I like the look and feel of a vertical layout


Heres something fun! As I am getting closer to my move to colorado I am increasingly excited about all the parks I will be in super close proximity to! This was a necessary addition to the journal.


Off centered, poorly planned, but still useful!! I dont really care about having things super exact in my bullet journal and this is a prime example (note the w for weekend)


A hodge podge page! I took this down when talking about graduate school with my advisor… messy but hey who cares!


What do you have going on this summer? I had a brainstorm sesh on the plane home from Washington at the beginning of the month. Heres some of the stuff I came up with. I think I enjoy planning goals for seasons instead of months…


Speaking of months! This is what I had for July. Boy what a fantastic freaking month.


And finally heres a little of my work with my grad school planner! Turns out its helping a lot and I am very glad I was able to make it and share it with you! Check it out!

Hope you got some inspiration from what I’m working with right now! Are there any specific bullet journaling layouts you would like to see?

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