THE Grad School Application Planner

Hey there! Where are all my cool kids applying to graduate school? The kids who just can’t get enough essays, resarch, and stress?

If I’m talking to you, I promise you’re in good company.

I never considered not going to graduate school to be honest. I was lucky enough to be born into a family that values education over literally everything else. I was also lucky enough to watch an oceanography documentary when I was 4 and decide that I was going to do just that.

So now that I am done with undergrad (somehow), I find myself like you, starting the college application process AGAIN. This time though, things are different. Not everyone is doing this. I do not have a cool english teacher walking me through the steps and deadlines. This process feels more casual- I am unsure if that is due to my lack of knowledge on the process or if college gave me a big ego. Regardless, it was time to do what I do best- PLAN.


This planner is here for YOU, humble grad school applicant. I want you to use it and give me some suggestions on what you would like added so I can make it better on my Etsy in the future. Although this is not free, I am selling it for far less than most of my other planners bc I FEEL for you at this strange and exciting time in life (check out some free planning goodies all over the blog, like this one)


I also want to note that this is an attempt to be general enough to be applied to any type of graduate school, whether its law, med, nursing, or anything in between. If I am missing something that would be helpful for a very specific type of program, I might not add it, but any recommendations are welcome!


SO, download it, read the readme FIRST, and get to work! No time like the present to start reaching for those goals. I will be making changes and additions to this page as the ideas for additional pages roll in.

Taking the GRE? Make sure to check out my post on GRE tips. And for the full story on how my journey went, theres a post here on how I got into my dream Ph.D. program.

Good luck! Please send me a message if this is at all helpful to you. I want to hear about your success 🙂

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