2017- what a YEAR

FRIENDS made my 2017.

I think it is foolish to try and boil a year down into one theme or emotion, but if I had to choose what singularly made my year what it was, it was my fantastic compilation of friends. From the beginning of 2017 to the end, none of it would have been possible without them.


Paige and Bree came on a last minute camping trip. Gwen visited me in Denmark. Cailin met me in Prague. Teodora became my best friend in Copenhagen. Paige took me to Boston, New York and Oahu. I am so thankful I had the time to develop my friendships this year, and I intend on maintaining this level of enthusiasm for my friendships going forward.



My life completely changed in more ways than one. *get ready for the cheesiest statement of all time, I apologize in advance* I moved to Copenhagen, I fell in love, I found myself, I pushed myself, I felt like I could actually be an adult, I repaired relationships, I destroyed relationships, I learned MORE THAN I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE.

DSC_0160 2

Some other reflections: I’ve shared a lot more than I did previously, and I have been so overwhelmed with the positive response I have received from it. I am still bad at saying no, but I’m slowly improving. I have never been more comfortable with the unknown than I am now. I am better at taking a breather when I should.

I hope everyone got as much out of 2017 as I did. I am so STOKED for a new year of lessons and memories.


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