Joshua Tree w/ Cailin

My 2018 started in the best way possible: camping.


One of my best remaining hometown friends, Cailin, and I have an affinity for camping, talking, and good food.

I mean what more do you need??


Here are some reflections on our time in Joshua Tree

  1. Don’t go in the main entrance if you’re trying to hike for free. Both hikes we went on were free. Game changer for a broke college kid.
  2. Look on AirBnb for campsites. Weird, but the park has been so popular that all of the sites were filled. Airbnb is the same price and we had an excellent host.
  3. Stater Brothers. There is a Stater brothers in 29 Palms and if you’re only going one night its super convenient for food.
  4. Camping does NOT need lots of preparation. Go. Have fun!!

It was a simple trip but those are the trips that always seem to be the most fun. Long live J tree!


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