Days 52-55: Entering the final countdown…

No way has it almost been two months here… I am in disbelief and honestly fighting off the sadness of leaving Copenhagen on an hourly basis.

Quick Hits:

  • work is hard!! (but rewarding)
  • I had a desert at work that was like a giant cake pop but less dense and covered in coconut. Don’t know if it was danish or what but its worth mentioning.
  • my friends are awesome
  • my brain is fried
  • the sun is setting at 9pm!! Seasons are changing!!!
  • I am an emotional mess thinking about going home and I keep making it worse by listening to bluegrass and coldplay (whats wrong with me??)




Yes, it is slightly less than a month till I’m back in the US. It may seem a little dramatic to be now constantly thinking of how I’m leaving, but I’m here to tell you three months is not enough to get acquainted with a city like Copenhagen (It’s probably not enought to get truly acquainted with any cool city TBH)


This week has been a really fun one. Every night is something different. I am in an all out friendship, culture, fun soaking in sprint. Simultaneously my work tasks are beginning to get harder and more interesting, and I’m a little scared I wont be able to get everything done in time.


Monday, I went to an open air screening of 500 days of summer. With my emotions already at frightening levels I should have known it would be a bad idea but I went anyways. I cried on the bike home, just overwhelmed with my life and feelings and the beauty of the city and seriously missing Santa Barbara and all my friends… Great movie though!


Teodora and I got desert and beer Tuesday night around stroget, the shopping/ tourism center, and it was all so cute! Walking through the streets a performer was playing some Jack Johnson (UCSB Alum) and it made my heart hurt a little, in a good way.

Wednesday was my new Aussie friend Tay’s birthday! We all met for dinner and it seems like she had an awesome day!


Yesterday I went to Copenhagen library and GOD check out how beautiful it was! Unfortunately it closes at 7pm so I didn’t have a lot of time. I came home, made a delicious dinner, did some reading (On the road by Jack Kerouac in case ur wonderin) and it was lights out at 10.


Today, Friday, I got a little frustrated with my work (understatement) and I ended up going home a little early to take a nap and work on my thesis. I NAPPED for an HOUR. Thats how you know its been a completely draining week in more ways than one. Still, I feel so thankful for all the emotions and W’s and L’s I took this week.

Sometimes when I get a little overwhelmed or start feeling insecure I go on social media a lot more than usual, and its been one of those weeks. I made the decision today to try and take a little break for a while. Its hard, because I want to show everyone whats going on in my life and keep up with all of my friends, but at the same time, its so silly thinking that social media should hold any semblance of a priority in my life. Obviously, it dosent really matter, but its easy to kind of let it dominate more and more of my time until I’m blindly checking Instagram 10 times a day. So apart from messaging people on facebook, I’m just going to take a little time off from all that.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week!

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