Month one done *emotional*

So here we are, 32 days later. If anyone out there has been reading my thoughts I have to say THANK YOU! Its so flattering when anyone says they read my updates whether it be Instagram, my blog, or good ol Facebook. Whoever you are, thanks a big bunch!! I hope to continue entertaining you for two more months (and maybe beyond if you’re interested in my American alter ego)

I didn’t come into Denmark with many expectations. I have been shocked every single day by the atmosphere in Copenhagen. This seems like the most time I have ever had for self-reflection some days, and others it’s almost like I am not thinking, just gliding around like a sponge just trying to take it all in.

What have I learned?

At work, I’ve learned that it takes a lot of people to make amazing things happen (but isn’t that so great?? Amazing things happen all the time!!) I’ve also had some things really reinforced, like the value in being self motivated, and the importance of speaking up when you have a question, no matter how big or small. I am really passionate about offshore wind energy and I am so excited so see how far we can progress with it in the future. I feel very thankful for the quality of education I have received in all of my classes at UCSB but most specifically GIS. Although I am new and very young, I am understanding things (school works!!) and thinking of where all this information could take the field in the future. Even if it’s just quiet brainstorming at my desk while my coworkers do something that’s actually important, it still feels really cool to be using my head like this outside of a class (finally)

On a personal level, I have learned a little and a lot (I think a lot but we will see if that holds true as time goes on) I have learned some things that I don’t think anyone that isn’t a best friend of mine would really benefit hearing, so I wont elaborate those lessons here. I am mostly just hoping the clarity of mind I am experiencing will follow me to the US when I return.

I am slowly letting go of plans (she says on her blog centered around planning) Its tough, I will always be a planner, I am not trying to deny that or change who I am, but sometimes its important for me to stop focussing on utilizing every second and being hyper efficient. I am in Denmark by myself for christs sake, how on earth can I predict what will happen in a week? Keeping that in mind, I’ve had the time to reflect on whats going on in my head planning for the far off future, and its starting to seem a little bit more outrageous than it already did. So I’m working on letting go of some of that, and it feels good. Its uncharted territory, but it seems like almost everything I am doing now is unexpected, and it gives me motivation to keep going further.

A small part of me feels undeserving of all of this. The beauty is overwhelming. I do not feel worthy. I am so so so thankful and very humbled. People ask me where I live and I tell them Santa Barbara, another slice of actual paradise, and I start to feel a little undeserving of living there too. I am not trying to put myself down, or make it seem like I am sad at all, because believe me I couldn’t be more opposite that. BUT part of growing older, at least for me, has been realizing how much I can and have taken for granted. As much as I never want to take anything for granted again, I know somehow it will happen. It happens to the best of us. I have taken people for granted, I have been selfish and ignorant, and the fear that I will continue doing it, even when I know better is very real. I just hope theres nothing in these three months I don’t fully appreciate.

YIKES that got dark for a second!! Lets bring it back!!

I have a lot of great ideas for trips (but im trying to go with the flow so not many hard plans, go me) Mostly exploring Denmark itself while I am here. The beautiful part of living here is the lack of urgency with all of my travels.

On that note, I am very seriously evaluating if I could live here, or anywhere not in the US, for more than an internship. I know now I could, and I should, and I will (knock on wood)

So, if you’re still there, you might be able to help me with some of the following:

  • I have a huge addiction to sending postcards (now taking requests)
  • I need music to listen to at work and on my hour-long commute every morning (now taking recommendations and playlists)
  • I have very limited kitchen space but I want to cook new things (now accepting recipes-high in veggies preferred)
  • I finished my book and I am planning on taking lots of trains and planes in the coming months (now reading whatever a friend thinks is quality)
  • I am getting ahead of the school year and making some new planners that could be useful to kids looking for an easy way to get organized, so if you think you have an idea of something I could help you with let me know! (now accepting emails
  • I am trying to get some attention for my college application planner. I think its a kick ass product and I worked pretty dang hard on it (now taking any advice on where I could market this thing better)

And that’s enough from me! So much love!!

Paige (or Peach because Danish people seem to pronounce my name like that)


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