I didn’t go to a tropical paradise for spring break

Cabo looks like fun. I’m not gonna pretend like my spring break is any better than those going to get their bikinis on and let loose. If you need the tan and the beach GO FOR IT!! If you don’t- have no fear!


This year I chose to go to Boston where my best friend lives. Yes, it is March in the Northeast. I am freezing my ass off. To be honest I chose Boston spring break on a whim, but I am so glad I did.


Heres my little recommendation for going somewhere outside of your box this spring break:

  1. Seeing new things is awesome. I mean really awesome. I am going to remember every weird day of this vacation and the sun has yet to shine through the clouds. Although you might not be in paradise- seeing an environment completely different from the one you are accustomed too is so refreshing and truly makes your break feel like a huge change from schoolDSC_0503.jpg
  2. Traveling with your best friend is a bonding experience unlike any other. I should say that choosing a friend that likes similar amounts of activity and has similar expectations for your vacation is critical. I was lucky enough to have a best friend that likes the food I like, the sports I like, and is a great traveler. Jackpot. You may love your best friend more than anything in this world, but if they have very different priorities on vacation, a long weekend might be a better idea than a full week.IMG_7221.jpg
  3. Traveling somewhere completely different can help you be open to the unknown. Some of the most fun I had this spring break was walking around colleges I had never seen. Driving past an OPEN sign and turning the car around to check it out can result in some legendary finds and memories.DSC_0405.jpg
  4. Sometimes its the places you dont expect that will teach you the biggest life lessons. Maybe its the stage that I am at in my life, but I have found on the trips I have taken to places I may not consider paradise that I have learned the most about myself. I may not have gotten any tanner, but I have spent time considering my goals in life, where I would want to end up, and what it is that makes me happiest in these completely new situations.DSC_0480.jpg

None of this is intended to say that any vacation destination is better than another!! Spring break needs to be different things for different people! I am writing this to ensure those that don’t find a party destination very appealing that they are not alone, and there are lots of benefits to doing something a little unexpected for a college kid.


I had the most amazing Spring Break in 40 degree Boston, New York, and Rhode Island. I have learned so much and seen so much, and all it took was a ticket. I have to thank my best friend and her family for showing me how fun New England can be even in March. I am so lucky to have received so much generosity from such incredible people.

I hope everyone had fun on their travels, wether it was to Iceland, Cabo, home, or anywhere in between!

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