Paige Post: another bright sun shiny day


After a short blog hiatus I am back with a personal Paige Post.

Today was so beautiful I could not resist taking some pictures and taking some time to write about how grateful I am to be here at UCSB.


I heard an interesting quote yesterday about choosing colleges. It went along the lines of “What will change your life in college is your choice. No matter what school you go to, it cannot make that choice for you.”

Reflecting on the end of this quarter I cannot find a statement more appropriate. I have been giving high school students advice for two years now on how I found my perfect school and how UCSB gave me the life I didn’t know I wanted, but have loved every day since. The activities I have gotten the most out of never jumped out at me. No TA ever offered to tell me about their life and give me an internship out of the blue. My sorority did not grab me off the street and tell me I would be a great addition to the house. I realize now I made the small decisions that compiled into the beautiful life I live today.


I acknowledge how obnoxious this statement sounds. I acknowledge I have been profoundly lucky and I was born with positivity coursing through my veins, and that gift is something not many people have. I was born with parents that gave me all the advantages in life they could possibly provide. And yes, I have been given some opportunities I did not ask for but have been incredible contributions to my college experience.

I believe it wasnt until I embraced all of these things that I started to create the change I wished to see in my life.

Winter quarter was possibly the most life changing quarter I have experienced in college thus far. It has been hard, it has been beautiful, it has been rewarding. Then again, I think that after finishing almost every quarter. How cool is that?


Honestly, I don’t know what point I am trying to make writing all of this. I just want to take time to acknowledge how grateful I am for all the opportunities I have received and the opportunities I have earned and fought for.

If you havent already, have a wonderful spring break! Get out there, enjoy the sunshine, and spend some time doing what makes you happiest.


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