My college admission planner!

I am very excited to announce after weeks of work and brainstorming that I have finally completed my college admission planner for junior and senior students. This package includes 13 printable pages with worksheets that help students understand not only where they want to go to college, but how much preparation it takes. By completing these worksheets, students are in the active process of planning.


My motivation to make these sheets came from the many students I have had the joy of teaching over the past two years. They trust me as an ally in the college application process, which is a responsibility I take very seriously.

I began to simultaneously grow my skills in Microsoft publisher by making planner printables and college worksheets for my students. Making these sheets in my spare time has taken me back to the anxious energy that I had as a junior, hoping that I was doing things at the right time, hoping that I was getting good enough scores, hoping that I could get into my dream schools. I greatly appreciated any advice I received, and dedicated a unused binder to my research and notes.

By putting myself in my 17 year old shoes, I can see how much I would have benefited from a clear and concise organization of schools, scholarships, testing scores, and advice.

With this planner I have to give a very important disclaimer. I AM NOT A COLLEGE COUNSELOR. I believe this planner gives teens an opportunity to look into college in a productive way but I DO NOT GUARANTEE admission or acceptance to college simply by using this tool.

Simply put- Please use this tool with a college counselor or trusted source for more efficient and organized planning.

Check it out here!

If you are interested in this tool, please, please check it out on my etsy shop! It was made with a lot of love, and I hope that as many kids as possible can get use out of it.

Happy Planning!


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