Simple school planner ( a5 printable)

Its that time of year again kids! Back to the college grind.

I have experimented with planning for school and life in countless ways over my three years of college and I’ve figured out what works best for separation. It is way too confusing to cram everything into the same page for myself. I decided having week by week of ONLY school would be best to plan without overwhelming me and waisting time.


How do I use this planner?


On Monday I fill in when all my assignments are due that week. When tests are scheduled, I fill those in immediately regardless of week. I color code my classes to help me see better which class will have the most work for me that week.

This is mostly to keep track of all due dates and finding at least one thing per day I can be working on. If I want to be motivating myself more, I might put a couple reminders in my personal to do list.


Everyone plans differently, and I love to see new strategies!

I made this insert for my a5 planner, and I hope someone else can get some use out of it!

Good luck in the next semester or quarter kiddos.



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