Bullet Journaling for Students

As of Sophomore year of college, it became incredible apparent that my personal Filofax was not large enough to keep track of the countless deadlines, tests, and schedules I had to keep track of in school. Although I love my personal filofax for appointments and social activities, crowding it with school information is overwhelming.

I discovered bullet journaling as everyone else did- through Pinterest. I started with small journals and then I found a moleskin lying around my house. I have been using it ever since.

I like bullet journaling for a couple reasons:

  1. There is no limit to the information it can contain
  2. You can make your own layouts exactly how you want them
  3. It is functional and straightforward
  4. It is easy to do
  5. It is cheap
  6. Its easy to find Inspiration

I dislike bullet journaling for a few reasons as well:

  1. It is hard to plan far in advance
  2. It can take a lot of effort to make elaborate and cute layouts

For these two reasons alone, I save my filofax for personal events and appointments, while using my bullet journal for school, work, and most daily tasks.


It took a while to find a layout that worked perfectly for me. The one I have settled is easy to set up at the beginning of the week, and keeps track of everything I need. unfortunately, I do have to keep track of each hour or things will not be finished or forgotten.


Heres my recommendations to students beginning bullet journaling:

Dont worry about making it super pretty, find something that works and decorate it if you have time

Set it up so that you have at least a month laid out, so you can add assignments in when you hear about them.

Try to have a month on a page– it really helps to visualise the amount of  time you have to get things done

Put one or two things on your list you know you will get done every day- Its a really nice way to get started knowing that at least some of you list is done.

Be reasonable you’re not super man. You’re great, but you’re not superman, none of us are. A good list is one that keeps you on track and you can finish at the end of a day.

Its a bullet journal for a reason, put whatever the heck you want in it


Comment on what works for your bullet journal!



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