finals season, free printable

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Finals!

This Thaksgiving break, I opted to stay in Santa Barbara and “get homework done” a.k.a. get away from LA traffic and watch college football by myself. Surf was AMAZING Thursday morning and I hope to make a Thanksgiving day surf an annual tradition. For dinner, thankfully, I have many amazing families which I tutor for that were happy to invite me over. I had a wonderful dinner with one of my families I am very close with in Montecito. The food was amazing, the house was gorgeous, and we ended the night with Clue. Paradise.


Aside from Thanksgiving dinner, I had a great time cleaning everything I own and standing in Michaels overwhelmed and excited on black friday. Yesterday it rained (a miracle) and I had a grand time screaming at the TV watching the OSU and Michigan game (go bucks am I right?) My brother, a senior at OSU, dislocated his shoulder highfiving a band member too hard when he was rushing the field.

Today, and time apart from football yesterday, is dedicated to (sigh) the finals grind. Some of the printable I made yesterday between games came out very pretty and I thought I would share.




Happy finals to you all!



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