How I use my Filofax to study for finals


This christmas I received a Filofax personal sized planner from my grandma and I cannot think of a more appropriate gift for a list loving college freshman. It is a masterpiece.

People go BANANAS over these things. Seriously. Some of them look like adult art projects.

I am still getting acquainted with mine six months later, and I have yet to find a complete unity through the whole setup I have, but it still is working amazingly and it has become one of my most prized possessions.

As follows are the techniques I have used and currently am using for studying for finals and midterms with my Filofax:


My week at a view:

I use this to put large plans and chores for the day. Office hours I highlight in orange and assignments due I put in light blue at the bottom of the page. I also use this to keep my spirits up (you think I’m kidding but college takes its mental toll) I put weekly goals at the top of the page and decorate with stickers and washi tape.

IMG_0823Day by day study goals:

This graph paper came with my Filofax when I bought it and I love it. Two weeks before finals I sit down and layout all the reviewing I need to do to to be confident for each final and then I divide it into the days I have remaining. The colors of the boxes correspond to the class they are for (I have the key memorized so this page does not contain one) I add more during the week to days I think I will have more time.

daily filofax goals

Daily to do list:

On a notecard (nothing fancy) I write down the day and what I have planned to study along with classes I have and their times after I eat breakfast in the morning. At the bottom of the card I write special notes, like going off campus to study or extra workouts I want to do that day, etc.FullSizeRender

More notecards.

I don’t have a lot of fancy supplies just a couple stickers, two rolls of washi tape, and five colored pens. I know this is crude compared to most Filofax-ers this is pretty crude but I’m poor so whatever I think its pretty fabulous and I have a life outside of this thing (barely)

Happy finals everyone!


One thought on “How I use my Filofax to study for finals

  1. I love love love how full and hectic your Filofax looks! Plus, the little hearts across the top of the page are so cute! 🙂

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