A visitor!

This weekend I was blessed to have AJ take the weekend off and come to see me. As far as long distances relationships go, I can say that AJ and I are doing a pretty great job making the time between visits as painless as possible and the time we do get together nearly perfect. Its not easy, but three hours is really not a horrible distance, and I consider us lucky to be able to have little trip to see eachother every three weeks or so. We always shoot for two but it dosent always happen that way.

Friday AJ arrived just an hour after my Chem midterm and we were off to the beach in Monticeto, which I had heard was the most beautiful in Santa Barbara. It still isnt summer however and conditions werent ideal. Later we left and AJ had his first taste of Backyard Bowls. That night we skated to improvability, a student improv troup that has a different themed show every Friday night for $3. Always highlarious. We then went to the Habit and munched on some bacon burgers, and finished the night talking on the benches by campus point overlooking the ocean.

Saturday I took AJ to brunch at one of the dining halls and it started to rain (of all the weekends it could have rained it had to be the one AJ was visiting) We did what seemed right and cancelled our kayaking plans and napped for a couple hours insead. AJ accompanied me to the library and we got some homework done. He sweetly sat there for an extra hour after his work was done without saying anything. After the excitement of the library we went downtown where we saw Jeff Bridges instructing his wife on how to back out their hyundai. After we got smoothies and AJ got kick ass Nikes we came home and rode out to IV on our skateboards to see a super beautiful sunset. We went out on a date for dinner to Goleta Sushi House, the only place in SB to get a roll for less than $15. Sushi was awesome but would later prove not to be the best dinner choice for the nights activities. We went out after dinner and saw some of our old Redlands friends, and had a very fun very long walk home.

Sunday we did went to the beach and slept and had a very relaxing day. Sundays are generally not the funnest day of our trips together. The fact that one of us has to leave in a couple hours is never a fun thought. We had an absolutely amazing weekend and I couldn’t be more thankful for the hours we get to spend together and AJ taking the time to drive all the way up here and back just to see me.

Six more weeks of school then summer! I cant wait!

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