Not naked, stoked, and partially afraid

Wednesday myself AJ and Brandon made the trip to the coolest little cove I have ever been to- Aztec Falls. The falls are in Arrowhead, and the hike is rocky and flat. The sky is blue at first glance, and more blue each time you look after that. Beautiful. 

The water was crisp and clear. I actually jumped off one of the rock things which I thought was a huge achievement until 10 minutes a girl went off the highest one… 

I couldn’t help but getting a creepy feeling when I was in the water. It was clear, but dark. I knew there were rocks in the depth (you could see them from the surface), but once you were in it was really hard to tell. I never touched the bottom, even after a 25+ foot jump, and AJ and Brandon didn’t from their 40 foot jump. That creeps me out.

Some of Brandons old friends showed up and tried to take us to another spot further down the stream but 45 minutes later it seemed apparent to us that they didn’t know where they were going and we turned around. I am terrible at hiking. I have no coordination and short legs. The boys were kind enough to stop and wait for me every couple feet. If I wasn’t there I am confident they would have made it home an hour sooner.

The whole experience was awesome. AJ and Brandon are the chillest, funniest guys I have ever met so I was laughing half of the trip. When we finally made it back to civilization we went to Subway and I had the most amazing sandwich known to man. 

When our friends started going to this place they tried to keep it a secret, but as it turns out a lot of people know about this place. It was hoppin, we saw at least 20 kids there, probably more. I know we will return soon, probably with a cooler. 

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