Camping trip 2K14

June 26th to 30th myself, AJ, and another couple friend of ours went on a camping trip in South Carrlsbad. Heres some of the stuff we did:

AJ and I drove down there first. On the way there AJ revealed he had never been to San Diego or beach camping. We got to the site and it was gorgeous although we weren’t oceanfront. We got settled into our spot and visited the beach. 

AJs MS3 and some ocean
AJs MS3 and some ocean

Kyle and Ellie arrived and through an unfortunate mishap Kyle’s toe was pulverized. We regrouped, got some Starbucks, and eventually made some dinner. Hot dogs. Hot dogs are life, at least to boys. The two of them ate a shocking amount of hot dogs.

The rest of the days were beautiful! 

Morning run
Morning run

We also went to Swammies which is absolutely amazing.





AJ and I both bought new skateboards and Aj taught me how to skate on the campgrounds.


IMG_1277 IMG_1313 IMG_1300 IMG_1312

I am a very lucky girl to say the least.



also this filter makes AJ look incredibly black


It was amazing, I cant wait to go back.

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