The tournament traditions

This being my third year I being AJ’s best friend, it is safe to say I have seen a lot of water polo games. Have I tired of them? Are they boring? No.
AJ and I don’t just do water polo games though. We travel with finesse. We drive ourselves to just about the end of the earth hole-in-the-wall tournaments and have a blast doing it. Over the years it has become somewhat of a tradition. I have seen towns made of cows, Snoop Dogs high school, the ocean, the ghetto, and just about everything in between on our tournament adventures.
Seeing as AJ’s college polo career is approaching, I am excited to say tournament time is back. Yesterday I drove out to Temecula and although we didn’t see anything spectacular we had so much fun. My stick driving skills are not perfect so AJ came in clutch (PUN) and saved me on a couple hill starts.
Yay for polo! Yay for PaJay! Yay for life!

Also the sunset was very pretty on the drive home

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