Bullet Journal Update: July 2019

Howdy! If you’re not into bullet journals do youself a favor and scroll on past this post. (and maybe checkout some of my easier printable planners) If you’re a bullet journaling feind, you’re in the right place.

So lets go on a journey, shall we? I really only use a gel pen, highlighter, and a ruler. And coffee.

I start with a simple title. Looks like I dont have a ton going on this week so I’ll be keeping everything on one page

I then make a little grid for my weekly appointments…

I then add in the dates and appointment times

I finish filling in my little appointments table with other events this week. On the right column I add a to do section and a brain dump section at the bottom.

I then add three categories to the to do list: general, academic, and financial. And some lil words of positivity at the bottom.

I love bullet journaling because it is always different. Its a moving target. When I need inspiration I check my boards on Pinterest and if in doubt I take a look at my printable planners and recreate them in my notebook.

Like minimalist planning but scared of drawing it out yourself? I have a planner for you!

Need more bullet journaling?? Check out some of my past posts here 🙂

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