February Bullet Journal

Anyone else feel like January is the strangest month ever? The government shutdown cast a nasty spell over everything in the science world, and I am so thankful to be moving past those bad vibes!! First step to moving past those bad vibes and starting any month off right for me is tearing into my bullet journal.

Per many requests here are some more pictures of my journal! I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration to dive in and do one yourself. If you think looking at pictures is fun and cathartic, imagine making your own!

How do I start a month in my bullet journal?

  • Write the month at the top of a fresh page
  • I look into my calendar on my computer to see what I have going on that month. Then I can decide how much I need to see on this front page.
  • I arrange a traditional looking calendar, even if its tiny.
  • Write 4ish goals. These are usually smaller and things I know I will achieve.
  • If I am not making a large traditional calendar that I can write things for every day on, I make a vertical calendar list thingy as shown on the right page below.
  • I always write a little quote or saying at the beginning of the month. Something very short and appropriate for where I’m at in life.
See explanation on how I start a month above

Onto February- BOY do I have a lot to look forward to! I am interviewing at USC for the Marine Science PhD program. I am turning 23. I am hosting a friend from Denmark and taking a week off of work. I am getting in plenty of snowboarding. I am (hopefully) hearing back from some of the programs I applied to in December. Heck yes!!

If you’re looking for more bullet journal shenanigans, I’ve got plenty, and if you have a request for a certain page or spread please let me know!

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