Clean up your NOTES clean up your LIFE

Hope that title grabbed you. I just have some tips for pretty notes, no life lessons today!

I get a lot of compliments on my notes in class. After 14+ years of school I’ve figured out a couple things that work really well for me.

  • Have a pen, highlighter, and one pen of a different color. As an oceanographer, the more blue the better.
  • Draw pictures. Especially if you’re talking about a process, physical or otherwise
  • Keep a relatively constant title, subtitle, definition scheme.
  • Box, circle, underline. Call attention to facts and figures. Did your prof say this was going to be on the exam? UNDERLINE THAT ISH
  • Go back AFTER lecture. Trying to make things look pretty and missing information is completely counter productive. Re reading your notes is a good idea anyways, so as you’re going back, highlight and add information that might have been missed your first time

Hope some of these help! Would anyone be interested in some monthly note sheet posts as inspiration? I’ve been thinking about starting a studying page but haven’t gotten the courage to do it… thoughts?

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