Senior Year STARTS NOW

Gosh, what an insane month. Today, its a beautiful October day, and I’m working my little tush off to get in front of all that is to come this quarter. Easier said than done. I’m going to provide some details on how, as a college senior, I have formulated the most efficent methods of organizing and planning for my life.


I run on two binders, one for school, and one for work. I am currently keeping all my personal planning shenanigans in my a5 planner at home and don’t take it to school. If I need to jot down personal lists or notes to myself I have a small gridded bullet journal in my backpack, but I don’t follow this religiously. I need to cut down on my planning as is.

So lets talk about how I set up my school binder:


  1. I print up all the weekly planning inserts and monthly calendars from my 2017-18 school planner and three hole punch them.
  2. Looking at the monthly calendar, I mark out major holidays and things I’ll have to miss school for. I then fill in little personal meetings, and midterm and final dates.DSC_0270
  3. I transfer this information into my weekly school planner pages. I add in homework due dates if I have been provided those already. I color code based on class.DSC_0277
  4. In the remaining dividers, one for each class, I add the syllabus and my assignment and class planning pages. I also print out any helpful materials that I dont want to write in my notebook like a periodic table, identification charts, etc.
  5. print out my weekly school schedule, color code it, add in work times, and place that in the front pouchDSC_0279

I take notes BY HAND

  • I am working to re-use some notebooks that I only half filled. I try to find subjects that have a little overlap when doing this

My 2017-18 school planner is getting some good press at UCSB and I am very excited to be getting a wider audience for my planning supplies. A couple of requests have been made to make a physical planner. Will I do it? Only time will tell.

Make sure to check out all of my other school planning advice!

Wishing you all insanely good luck this fall quarter or semester! You’ll kill it!

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