Days 56 to 62: Pride and friends

Time seems like a very strange concept after the past three days of traveling. I am currently in Kuala Lumpur (so amazing I am saving all my comments for another post) and my brain is keeping track of Danish time (so we can work with the rest of the team over skype), California time (no reason I should be keeping track of this but I can not fight my curiosity), and Kuala Lumpur time (obviously). From my relatively mushy travel brain, here’s what I remember of the last week

Quick hits:

  • rainbows are great
  • pride was a great reminder that I should listen to more madonna
  • I drink too much coffee
  • I cried watching Moneyball
  • A drag queen proposed to one of her dancers at the drag show I went to on Friday and it was the most fantastic moment
  • There are few greater feelings than just dancing in public without a care


I don’t mean to cop-out, but I really am having a hard time finding the motivation/ remembering what happened in the past couple of days. I do have a lot of amazing pictures!


During the work week I had dinner with my new friend Pei Chao, visited the Copenhagen glyptotheque with Teodora, did a lot of writing, walked around Christansburg with another friend Kimberly, gave a presentation at work about my senior thesis, and ate a particularly delicious sweet potato. (preheat oven to 400F or 205C, cut potatoe in half, put a tiny bit of olive oil, salt and pepper on the cut face, place the face down on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper for 20 minutes) Boy do I miss sweet potatoes…

Friday was a long day of work but Teodora and I attended the greatest drag show ever that made up for it ten fold. All summer I have been very seriously thinking about committing to a more minimalist lifestyle, but it only took 30 minutes of queens for me to start thinking ‘I need more outrageous dresses’ and ‘maybe I need some leotards’ There was a proposal after a fantastic number to ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’ and so much positive loving energy. Fantastic!

Saturday we went to the pride parade. Our position was awesome, and I had a great time taking pictures, dancing to ABBA along side Teodora, and trying to catch worthless free stuff. We walked down the parade route after and saw all the floats another time.


I have to say, one of the most entertaining floats was the Jeep float. It was one of the gayest, fantastic, good times in the whole parade. They had a drag queen dressed as Cleopatra sitting on the roof of a wrangler waving gold silk like a goddess. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking about some of the US jeep owners that might not be the biggest fans of this kind of marketing…


When we made it to Stroget, where the parade ended, it was time for some hot dogs and ice cream. We had such a fun day and by 6:00 we were wiped out.


Sunday I had the pleasure of showing one of my good friends from UCSB around Copenhagen. I met Katya during a prospective freshman information day, and she mentioned she wanted to start a circus club. Turns out we were in the same circus, and just missed each other in practice for five years. Anyways, now were good friends and we had a great day walking around Copenhagen while dodging sudden rain showers.



Sunday night, I packed for malaysia, watched Chasing Coral, and lost sleep thinking about how awesome of a week I had. I feel so so so very lucky.


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