The 2017-18 School Planner

Wow! August is literally three days away. Did NOT see that one coming.

Honestly, if you’re a planner freak like me you’ve been expecting this for a while. If you are not, it might have just hit you when you went to target and saw binders and notebooks everywhere.

Swallow the pill, its learnin season again!!

Good thing you have made your way to this blog post thought, because I have some good news. I have made you, yes YOU, a simple, comprehensive, and cheap planner you can print RIGHT NOW. No worrying about getting behind in your classes! No need to buy a thick planner if you just want to take things week by week! OR make your planner as thick as you want and print a bunch of extra sheets so you can plan to your hearts fullest!!


Heres what I put in this bad boy: 
Monthly calendars (dated) perfect for noting all big deadlines, tests, project due dates, etc. Calendar is landscape formatted and can be hole punched and put into a binder or hung on the wall for desk organization. Includes August 2017-June 2018
Individual assignment tracker, made for planning out larger assignments like projects or research. Includes sections for todo, brainstorming, and resources. (and due date, of course)
Class assignment tracker, used for noting all class assignments in the semester and quarter. This also includes a grading scale for the class and a goal section so you can track your personal progress throughout the semester!
15 week school all purpose planner. This is my most popular product on Etsy! A simple planner that seems to include enough space to track all your daily to do’s and homework deadlines nicely
Essay planner. The name speaks for itself! Another minimalist design to help you brainstorm and get to writing.
Finals Class Planner. This is a part of my Finals Planning Kit, which is another popular package on my Etsy. This planner allows for you to summarize which topics you need to study for, how you will study for them, and if you have accomplished your study plans!
Finals Schedule Planner. This is a timetable to plan your studying and times at which you’ll be testing during finals week. Honestly, this is a great way to visualize the week, and I cant survive finals week without it

Oh yeah, its $7. SEVEN BUCKS IS NOTHING but just to sweeten the deal, I’m throwing out a discount code for 15% off your purchase!! This expires on the 13th of August. Ready for it?? Code: learninseason  (Be a homie and pass this info along to all of your friends so you are starting the school year as some real cool scholars with matching planning supplies)


Want a little taste of what it could be like to have some order in your life? Check out my freebies!

I have a whole list of good habits to get in at the beginning of a semester or quarter or whatever kind of school year you operate on here! (as well as some tips for becoming a morning person, making the most of your free time, etc)

Also, I’m gonna mention my College Application Planner, which is my best selling item on etsy, and in my mind incredibly useful in a process that does not get enough attention by teachers and counselors. Applying to college is so intimidating and confusing. I worked my little butt off making this for my tutoring clients, and I’ve got a lot of great results because of it.

SO yes, its learnin season, but don’t start the year on a bad foot because you’re #salty about the summer ending.

Go out there and make me proud you studious superstar!!


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