Days seventeen-nineteen: the park lifestyle

Gwen is on a plane somewhere over the Atlantic ocean right now and I already miss her. Within the last three days she was here our appreciation for Copenhagen reached a new level when we realized this city was actually made for us.

Quick hits:

  • we have walked an obscene amount in the past four days
  • there has yet to be a bad park in this cuty
  • River boat tours cost as much as a load of laundry and they’re awesome
  • Geology rocks
  • Art is everywhere
  • if ur Nikon D90 is having memory card errors just buy a new memory card DONT BOTHER TRYING TO FIX IT


The park of choice Day 17 was Havselkabes Have, which is slightly northwest from the city center. We began the day with some delicious coffee at Central Hotel and Cafe which is one of the coffee shops that will appear on pinterest when you search copenhagen. Gwen and I picked up Grant from the airport and we spent a while walking to Havselkabes Have, which was a really massive park. It is removed from the center and it is a little less youthful but very beautiful. Unfortunately my SD card gave up and I lost all my pictures.


That night we came back to Copenhagen street food and I got my sweet potato fry fix. We were in bed by 11:00, I call that a successful day.


Day 18 was a fantastic boat tour around the harbor AND flunky ball in Kongens Have. The weather was incredible, and the choice was made to rent bikes. We hiked to the top of Vor Freders Christianavn and Gwen remembered she hates heights but stuck it out for some adorable pictures. We tried a boat tour, which I think everyone in Copenhagen should do. It was so fun and really cheap.


We saw the palace where the queen currently lives and enjoyed the ultimate leisure of biking to the park to picnic. Flunky ball was a success and we seemed to be in great company at the park.


Day 19 was a huge voyage to Stevns Kilnt AND wine in orstedparken. Stevns Kilnt is reachabe by two hours in a car but gwen and I opter for the very metal one hour of biking and a 6km walk through the countryside option. I cannot express how insanely beautful this was. This trip really gave Gwen and I a chance to see how 95% of Denmark looks on a perfect blue sky day. We ate massive sandwiches on the walk and got ice cream on the way back.3836EF14-103E-42A6-9189-34D99C9B06B3

The beach itself was very cool. In the limestone outcrop there is a layer containing asteroid dust from the meteor that brought the end of the precambrian era. We could also see a massive offshore wind farm in the distance and lots of sailboats. There and back it was 12km and I can say I slept great last night because of it.


Gwen’s last dinner here was at a cute little cafe along Pebble Lake where people rent paddle boats and swans patrol with a firm hand. I had a steak salad that actually contained a good amount of steak, a very pleasant surprise.


I already miss Gwen so stinkin much but I am ready for the rest of this adventure. Right now I am in Berlin with my brother Grant and we will be leaving for Munich Monday! Many updates to come!


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