Days fourteen-sixteen: Fredriksborg Castle & Sweden sucks

I already feel like I am falling behind documenting all of these adventures! Gwen and I have been getting the most out of every hour she has had here and I am so thankful for all the time we’ve had. How cool is it that I have a friend that would do all this with me??

Quick Hits:

  • Fredriksborg castle is insane
  • most ice cream gets whipped cream on top
  • Gwen is slowly making me less uptight at museums
  • Laying on the floor and staring at a beautiful ceiling is really the best way to take it all in
  • picnics are life
  • Flunkyball is the worlds next great drinking game
  • Efficient public transit continues to blow my mind
  • Malmo Sweden is lame. Gwen and I give it two thumbs down



Saturday Gwen and I spent a breath taking day in Hillerot touring Fredriksborg castle. I think the pictures do all the talking.


hope this kid turned out okay


I have pictures from Sweden, but the whole city was so lame that I don’t even feel like uploading them.

Thankfully Gwen and I salvaged our day by getting some china boxes and heading over to Kongens Have which is a beautiful park right beside the palace where the queen currently lives in DenmarkIMG_8395.JPGWe saw these kids playing Flunkyball, which I am not going to bother describing but I promise was super cool and I will be playing it soon.

Lots of adventures to be had the next three days with this kid! Have a happy fourth of july!

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