Planning abroad

Whats up planner fam! Im gonna take a little break from my obnoxious abroad kid posts and get to some good ol plannin!

IMG_8200.jpgBeing abroad I am *trying* to learn how to go with the flow. To a certain degree I have been successful! I am not planning my hours. I am not planning weeks ahead *sorta*. I am taking more time to walk around and relax and its going great!… But not planning at all is a nightmare.

Heres what I have going on:

DSC_0706.jpgMonthly: month on one page (available at my etsy store) I’m just using this to show when I’m going on trips and when friends are visiting (yay)

DSC_0715Weekly: I am using my day on one page setup (also available on my etsy store) I made this layout a while ago, and it really fits everything perfect! In general I am toneing it down on the stickers (look at me how adult) On these pages I put:

  • weekly to do list
  • inspirational quote (which I have replaced with common danish phrases while I’m here)
  • appointments, important meetings
  • large tasks

IMG_8228.jpgTravel: I finally feel like im using this section. I have nifty travel planners (also avalible on my etsy store)(sorry for all the plugs) and on the back of them I write things I would like to do/see. Nothing crazy



IMG_8205.jpgWork: I don’t actually use this planner at work. My desk has two monitors and a laptop and all the software I could possibly want. This is more for my own personal reference/ motivation, nothing crazy. These pages came in my Webster’s Pages a5 planner when I bought it, I’m just repurposing them. Keep on the lookout for a separate intern organization post (ur dying of excitement I know)

DSC_0720.jpgBlog / Etsy: I’m keeping this the same as always. I try to brainstorm and if I do decide to go along with a post I keep track of the dates. This is completely unnecessary. Totally overkill.



The rest: I have passwords and keepsakes and thats pretty much it! I can’t keep track of all of my work login information and I don’t even want to try (but you can get this insert on my etsy) (BUY MY INSERTS) (DID YOU KNOW I HAVE AN ETSY)

IMG_8213.jpgI have a little moleskin notebook where I dump my thoughts, danish translations, and anything in between. I’m keeping a running list of what happened every day just in bullet points. Time seems to be flying so fast and my diary entries turn into little emotional short stories so just in case I miss something it’ll be in my moleskin. I also take it to work and scratch notes in there.

IMG_8273.jpgOf course I have to give a fat shoutout to my diary. Even if you hate planning, you should dump you thoughts and emotions into a notebook and then its the notebooks problem! I cant show you the workings of my diary but I can tell you it was a super generous gift from a family whos children I tutor. It was pressed individually in MILAN (I know right??!!) and it was such a sweet gesture. Its hard not to smile when I look about it.

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