Day One: Orstedparken, Stroget, Christiansborg Slot, and Hannah!

I’ve been here less than 48 hours and I am falling into the ultimate abroad girl cliche but I don’t care. I am proud to say I’m already in love with this city. In an attempt to not sound like  broken record the entire time I’m here, I’ll just say that everything in this city is beautiful.

Heres the quick hits:

  • I have read that this city is walkable and after a day here I can confirm this statement.
  • The bike culture here is awesome (not too different from IV)
  • I was identified in the Copenhagen airport as my fathers daughter because one of his co workers saw my NASA jacket and thought “thats Erik Hoel’s kid” (listen to “My Old Man” by Mac Demarco)
  • I am living in a hotel for three weeks before the company puts me in a more permanent living situation for two more months and I am in the SMACK DAB MIDDLE of the city
  • Everyone initially speaks to me in Danish
  • Saturdays are for the loud aggressive drunk German boys
  • Trendy “New American” style burger restaurants are everywhere (maybe I didn’t need to slam so much Habit before I left)
  • 1 dollar is like 6.5 krone
  • hot dogs are like 4 US dollars
  • Danish is not an intuitive language. (I don’t know what I was expecting)
  • ABBA, the BeeGees, the Bengals, and Blondie are all big here. (I am not opposed)
  • This is not an easy place to be lactose intolerant
  • Public urination is a problem here. Not hard to believe considering I have only seen one public bathroom after walking around for an entire day
  • Basic colors and sneakers are the style here. I have seen almost no accessories other than sunglasses. (did someone make this country for me?)
  • It is bright from 4am-11pm (yikes)
  • Weather here is great (its going to be sunny and 75 today)
  • Hans Christian Anderson is a big deal here.


Saturday 6-17-17:

Saturday morning I was ready to go do some adventuring so I set out to the closest park to me, Orstedparken.DSC_0131.jpgDSC_0051.jpgDSC_0090.jpgDSC_0045.jpgDSC_0127.jpgDSC_0017.jpgDSC_0085.jpg

I managed to connect with another ADPi from Kansas over Facebook and she invited me to spend the day with her exploring and wandering around the city center shopping. I am so thankful I was able to meet her. Hannah had an absolutely inspiring story and amazing attitude. She is only here till Wednesday and I hopefully will be accompanying her to get a tattoo Tuesday night.

DSC_0306 2.jpg
Postcard worthy photo around every corner

We walked all around, one of the stops was Christiansborg Slot. Apparently this is a palace (makes sense) From the top we were able to see some amazing views of the city.



check out the cruise ships and wind farms on the ocean!


Christiansborg Palace



We both got hot dogs for lunch (yay hot dogs)


We got dinner at the downtown Hostel and it was really affordable and delicious


We shared some pastries and I cant remember the names of them for the life of me but the white one was like a fancy flakey layered strawberry poptart

Many more adventures to come today! Can’t wait 🙂

Danish phrase of the day:

Undskyld mig (On’skil ma’ee) (excuse me) (also isn’t this language the worst?)


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