On the flight to Copenhagen

Thursday or Friday sometime between June 15th and 16th

I am sitting on an airbus a380 and most everyone is sleeping or watching a movie. My mouth vaguely tastes like skittles.

I am currently on route to Heathrow, then to my summer internship in Copenhagen Denmark,

“The internship will cover education within the areas:

Wind Farm construction and Operation

Distribution Grid Operation

IT support of related processes, especially Geographical Information Systems (GIS).”

Was the exact quote in my bosses formal invitation letter (which I found particularly adorable)

My first movie viewing of this journey was Moana, which in the most cliché way proved to me that I can do this (I can do ANYTHING actually) Its been months now that I have been telling people about this job and now its actually happening. I am flying over some lame part of Canada, I have a passport and documentation and a plug adapter and a hair dryer that folds in half and can run on euro voltage (shoot-out mom!!)

Before I even land in Denmark, there are a lot of people I have to thank for even helping to get me here.

IMG_7835.JPGFirst and foremost, my parents. My mom was the one crazy enough to suggest I apply with this company in the first place, and without her idea there is actually zero chance I would be here right now. My father was kind enough to put in a good word for me, and although he downplays it, I am also certain I would not be here without his word. Although we have never had the closest relationship, I know my parents love me more than anything on this freaking earth, and I cant believe they have dealt with me in all of my horrifically selfish and terrible times. I am so thankful that they believe in me, and I haven’t felt so appreciated ever in my life as I have in the past month. *now crying on this plane* There will never be an appropriate way to thank them for all they have given me. This and everything I have ever done, had, or seen was because of them.

Second, all of my amazing friends that have talked me through this massive life change. I cant start naming people, because the list would be egregiously long and I might forget someone and feel like human garbage. Even if what we were talking about was the power of a bathrobe, mortifying freshman year stories, or what we aspire to be like as parents, they all meant something special to me, and without the moral support I have received in the past 10 weeks of my life I would be on this plane with two sty’s from all the stress (I only have one right now)

IMG_9238.JPG.jpegThird, my education, obviously. I have had the insane honor of being able to work with some of the smartest minds in the world of oceanography. Without UCSB, who even knows if i would have the skills to be qualified for this internship. I have done far too many group projects, but I have learned a lot about working on a team. I ended up actually becoming good friends during the nightmarish work we shared the burden of (shutout GIS girls love ya’ll) Also, without knowing it, my professors have pushed me to attempt so much more than I though I was capable of.IMG_7794.jpg

Fourth, my brother, Grant Hoel. I love him so stinking much I would almost consider moving to Ohio to live near him. *almost* There is no one in this world that has listened to as much pointless blabber coming from my mouth, even while I am chewing during most conversations we have had. I am so freaking stoked that he’s going to be with my for three months this summer wandering around Europe. I will surely embarrass him and he will still love me just as much at the end of the day! He is the best ever. That’s all I gotta say about that.IMG_6905.JPG

Fifth, our beautiful mother earth. If she didn’t exists we wouldn’t have wind and we wouldn’t be able to make wind farms in the middle of the Baltic sea so I wouldn’t have an internship. So I’m v thankful for that.

DSC_0485.jpgSO, with all that said, I will be posting my travel things on my blog under the tag “travel” because I just don’t need to make another new blog. Make sure to check me out in insta @paigehoel Hopefully those pics will be quality and aesthetically pleasing.

I am so looking forward to sharing all of my adventures with you whoever you may be!!

Hej Hej!

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