Weekly planning tips with *free printable*

God this year is already flying by!

To keep my weeks in check I made this little printable that I keep in the academic section of my planner. Its the same as all the information I have hourly on my mac, but something about having a handwritten weekly template is so soothing to me.


I created a simple planner that you can get for free here in A5-size,letter-size, and personal-size!

When I am planning hourly I follow a couple steps:

  • Color code. If I don’t have different color pens I use my highlighters.
  • Fill in the essential things first.
  • Have a general plan for large amounts of free time. I don’t need to work on my blog at any particular time but I like to have an idea of when I could possibly be working on it.
  • Account for eating time. Sounds silly but if you are preparing your dinner and don’t have something on hand, you’re estimation of 15 min will be way too little time.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. This is crucial. If you are not getting enough time to sleep, chances are everything you do during the next day will be so much slower you would have been better off taking something out of your daily plan and resting for longer.


Once you’ve followed all those things, you should be on track to an organized schedule for the week! If you are looking for more organizational tools make sure to check out my Etsy Store or some of my organization posts. If pinterest is more your style, I have a great board full of tips and pretty notes!

Share how you plan your time week by week!

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