Bullet Journal Update (April 2019)

SPRING!! Its HERE!! After a long but awesome winter, Boulder has flourished into a springtime DREAM.

This is my first time ever experiencing a proper spring as I have lived my life in areas of perpetual plesantness. (Very thankful for this) Theres something so exciting about spring, the leaves popping up. Flowers, wildflowers even, are everywhere. I feel so energized!

Anyway without further ado- heres whats going on in my planner.

What have I ben planning for? To be honest, not much on the weekdays. My weekends have been the most hectic with lots of traveling and flying too and fro.

What layouts do I like? Week on one page. Simple!

What do I need to improve? I need to check my planner more. It seems that Tues-Sat I open it maybe once? The rest of the time I am on Google Calendar.

Hope you enjoy the pretty colors! Happy Spring!

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