Rocky Mountain National Park

This will be my first time ever living through a season. As I walked through the changing Aspens in the Bear Lake area of RMNP last Friday, I felt like I was in a movie. A movie with SEASONS!


I booked camping in the Rockies in July thinking I would probably be itching to go by the third weekend I was in Boulder. Boy was I right! Thank you past Paige!! I had booked the Moraine Park Campground, which I believe stays open longer than the other campgrounds in the rockies, which close when winter approaches.


Friday morning I woke up early and drove from Boulder to Estes Park, the closest city to RMNP and an easy 1 hour drive. I went to the ranger station and told them I was alone with a day to kill. The ranger suggested the hike to Sky Pond and told me it would take about 6 hours, perfect for starting in the morning and even better for the weather this time of the year.

Off to Sky Pond I went! I parked in the park-and-ride because the actual parking lot at bear lake where the trail-head is is very small, so expect that if you plan on going.


The hike was SPECTACULAR and took me about 2 hours up and 2 hours down. Keeping in mind that I was alone and going at a pretty brisk speed, I would expect this to be a little longer if I was with friends.


The only seriously portion of the hike was at the end. The trees cleared and there were some significant steps to climb. At the end of those steps were wet boulders which you had to scramble up carefully. Totally doable if you have both hands free and flexible joints. And holy crow was it worth it!! Looking up at the only glacier I have ever seen was a pretty cool sight. The view back down the mountain felt as if you were looking over the whole northeast of Colorado.

I highly recommend this hike if you have time, water, and a snack!

Now enjoy these GORGEOUS pictures of fall in Colorado!!



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