Healthy eating: Date Coconut Bites

After about a year of following health food blogs and making faux cookies, milkshakes, and just about everything else you can try to make healthy, I have only one complaint: Claiming something made with oatmeal and chia seeds “cake batter balls” or a very raw pumpkin smoothie “pumpkin pie milkshake” I have made a lot of these, and I continue to try and eat healthy as much as possible, but the false names need to stop. The recipes aren’t gross per say but they aren’t comparable to brownie batter or cheesecake, they just don’t.

This recipe is adapted from a “German chocolate cake balls” recipe I found last week. I changed them a little, I think they’re delicious, but they are nothing like german chocolate cake.

Date Coconut Bites


  • 12 pitted dates
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

Put dates and coconut into a food processor and blend for 1-3 minutes, till the coconut and dates are almost a paste. On a sheet of wax paper, make balls out of the mixture (about 6) and place in the fridge.

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