Admissions Counseling

Paige has been a college admissions counselor for the last six years and has helped students navigate the crazy world of admissions through in person and remote services. Her College Application Planner has sold over 500 copies, and has been used by university admission programs.

Service A (a.k.a. the little nudge)

We begin with a one-hour consultation with a discussion of goals for college admissions. Here we will understand where the student stands, assign tasks to help the student complete their applications alone, and lay out a schedule for the coming admissions cycle. After this meeting, we will have two more half hour sessions to check on progress and provide feedback on essays before applications are submitted.

This option is best for students who already have a plan for where they want to go and need feedback to assure they’re putting their best applications forward.

Rate: $150 (2 hours in person, essay proofreading)

Service B (a.k.a. the loving shove)

For sudents who do not know where they want to attend college, and have less of an idea of how to present themselves in an application, we take a more involved approach.

A one-hour consultation will lay the foundation for where the student stands. Here we determine a weekly or biweekly meeting schedule. In these hour long meetings, we will create a list of dream schools, assemble applications, and proofread essays.

Rate: $300 (4 hours in person, essay proofreading) + $60 for each additional session (as needed)

Service C (a.k.a. does this sound okay?)

Just want some essay help and no more? I offer revisions on four essays and one 30 min meeting to deliver my comments, feedback, and general tips.

Rate: $100 (proofreading for 4 essays and 30 min one on one feedback)

My primary aim is to help find students their home, whether it is an Ivy League, a state university, or a liberal arts school.

Lets get to work!